Thursday, December 15, 2011

First Craft Fair

Book Wreaths and Me

 I had my very first craft fair sale a few weekends ago and boy did I ever learn a lot of great things for next year.

I brought everything that I used to have on my Etsy, paper crafts, sewing projects. I met a lot of really nice vendors who were so happy to give me tips and advice. One lady took this picture of me next to some of my book wreathes. I actually sold one! I was pretty excited about that sale because everyone seemed to like them but I think most people didn't know what to 'do' with them. The lady who bought one said that she walked all around the fair and couldn't get it out of her head. Score me!

 One of the items that sold the best on my table were my sets of hand made note cards. I make little sets of cards without envelopes and people bought them as stocking stuffers. Doodles into dollars!

My Crazy Space
My table was a crazy mess unfortunately. I did my best to group like items and make it interesting but since I had a variety of items it kind of looked messy. I didn't prepare my table plan ahead of time which is definitely a must for next year. I want to make a banner with my name on it and really have a sharp set up next time. This time I just grabbed some fabric out of my heaps from the closet and pinned it to the table.

I ended up making back the fee for my space but not much actual profit. I guess my real profit was a lesson learned :)

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