Friday, October 19, 2012

One Step Closer...

I've been busy, I promise! This ill attended blog gets a huge post to update what I've been up to over the last month ish... First off, there is a new house on my horizon.  A new house with a large non bedroom that I can use for sewing. I am so excited that i already have a space plan sketched out for my work zones :)  When I get it all set up I'll take pics and explain the set up more.

I created some social media for my brand... I now have a Facebook page for Creatable Lady Sewing & Design and I have also made a blog page for Creatable Lady to serve as a resume for when I bid on jobs via Craigs List or the like. I also learned how to use Paypal to make invoices and put my logo on them so it looks professional. I just need to work blogging into my schedule but every second behind this keyboard is one less second behind my sewing machine so that's a tough call to make.

Started classes at SeedSpot! Every Monday night I go to learn with a class of fellow entrepreneurs about a variety of topics. We stay and talk afterwards and it's a great way to keep growing my business brain. I am making it a goal to file my LLC papers within the next month and to work with an accountant to help with my books. I just sew lol 

Been loading up on new clients. I will start outlining them with pics and stories for my professional blog and then I will post nitty gritty behind the scenes details here :) As if I had the time to write two blogs lol I figure it'd just be better to have my professional blog read as fact without emotion and then here on this blog we can talk about the soul of the project... Sound good?

Off to go pack up my sewing room now! Wish me luck!

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